Thursday, October 29, 2009

7 months

Mara just turned 7 months last week! She had another follow-up appointment for her hips on Monday & the results were a great birthday present to mommy! Her hip/leg bones have been shaped correctly after wearing the braces & are maturing correctly. This means we don't have to follow up anymore! Thank the Lord for answering our prayers!
Mara has learned to be quite little miss independent:) She's pretty big stuff now that she can sit up all by herself! She's also figuring out this crawling thing--getting herself up on all fours & scooting back & forth. It's pretty exciting to watch your baby learn new things, even the simplest motor skills. Tiny points of multiple teeth have also made their appearance this week! Poor girl has some pretty swollen gumbs!
Here are some Fall pictures of Mara @ 7 months. Photos by Tom & Jessie Schoolmeester.

Friday, October 16, 2009

So many firsts!

Mara is almost 7 months old & growing up so fast! She still continues to be a happy, easy-going little girl (like her daddy:). We're still working on sitting up all by ourself, but she does pretty good most of the time balancing her chubby little thighs! That is, if she sits still long enough-she's very active as she rolls all around the room & LOVES her jumperoo! She even gets herself up on all fours & acts like she's going to start crawling...we're not ready for the mobile stage yet!
Kya & Mara are growing up to be buddies, as you can see in the first picture:) Mara usually has to know where Kya's at and her face lights up when she finds her. Recently we've noticed when Mara goes to bed, Kya wants to be the center of our attention. The 2 together can be quite a hand-ful at times. Is this what it's like with 2 kids?! (not that we're anywhere NEAR that!)
Some of her favorites.... She loves to eat applesauce & bananas but pulls a sour face every time we try giving her peaches. She's content just laying by herself in her crib & will jabber on and on. Mara loves reading books; especially when daddy makes farm animal noises:) It doesn't take much to get a smile out of her-just look at her & she lights up the room!
Mara's been sleeping through the night (we're Finally one of those parents who can say that...for tonight @ least) She likes her sleep (just like her mommy:)and it's got to be on her tummy. At her 6 month appointment she weighed 14lbs and was consistently in the 50% for height & weight. Her pediatrician told daddy he better just give up now...those dimples are going to be a heartbreaker!

Prins Fall Pictures

In September we took family pictures in Sioux Falls at the Japanese Gardens. It was the last "nice" day of fall we had...remember, before all the rain and sun-less days!? Here are some of our favorites! What a good-looking bunch!:) Photography by Tom & Jessie Schoolmeester

Thursday, August 20, 2009

5 months old

Mara is now 5 months old...we can't believe how fast time has gone by! She's recently learned how to roll from her back to her tummy & back again onto her tummy-pretty exciting for us first-time parents:)
We're trying out rice far she hasn't been too impressed. We get more on our face & clothes than in our tummy! I think it's more of a change of texture for her to get used to.

Mara usually sleeps on her side with an arm over her head and the blanket between her legs...which is pretty much exactly how mommy likes to sleep as well:) It's amazing how those little traits come out & you notice little quirks about yourself.
We had a check-up with Mara's orthopedic specialist a few weeks ago. She's been out of her harness completely now, and does not even need to wear the step-down brace at night. All reports were "normal" and we have another check-up with xrays in 3 months. Her legs have strengthened faster than we expected & she's acting like a typical 5 month old. Praise the Lord for answering our prayers! Thank you to everyone for your support, prayers, and encouragement while Mara was in her brace! We're so thankful she's developing into a beautiful little girl.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

~Twins Weekend Getaway~

This past weekend Justin & I went on a weekend getaway to Minneapolis with some friends of ours, Jade & Megan VanderHaar. Megan & I gave this to the boys for their first Father's Day gifts. We went to 2 Twins games vs. the Cleveland Indians...but unfortunately they lost both of them. It was our first overnight without Mara...but it went really well & we had a LOT of fun!!

On Saturday, we sat in "Home Run Court" out in left field. We didn't catch any home-runs, but SOME of us got on the Jumbo-Tron while singing Bon Jovi "Living on a Prayer" while playing air guitar!:)

We had such a fun weekend--it was nice to get away & relax without the kiddos for once! Thanks to Grandma Van Dyke for babysitting Mara (& Kya) so we could enjoy some time together!:)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Prins Family Vacation

A couple of weeks ago we joined the rest of the Prins/Sjaarda family for a short vacation @ Lake Shetek. We spent Friday-Monday together...all in one cabin! Not very many families can spend this much "quality family-bonding time" together:) We had a great time together even though the weather was cloudy & cool most of the days. Much time was spent swimming & skiing, playing Pinochle, reading, relaxing, playing w/ the kids, enjoying campfires, and of course--eating! It was good to get out of the city away from our busy everyday lives & enjoy God's creation & time as a family.
Mara did great and loved being must've really tired her out as she slept through the night all weekend long! Thanks to Jer & Kimber for letting us occupy their cabin!

Carter & Mara--best of buds:)

Taking a nap outside w/ is good!

Bathing babes~Tabitha & Mara--about 2 months apart.

Mara's first boat ride...she fell asleep!


Kianna, Jonathon, Nicole, & Kaylee riding in Grandpa's boat

Grandma & Grandpa Prins with all the grandkids! How many more can we fit??!