Sunday, June 28, 2009

3 months

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! Mara's now 3 months old & changing everyday! She's adjusted well to mommy going back to work & is LOVING being spoiled by her grandma's 3 days a week:) Mommy & Daddy are loving this too--we come home to a happy baby, clean house, laundry's done, meals baked, etc! It sure does make things a lot less hectic & we have more time to enjoy our little girl! Thanks moms for blessing us by taking care of Mara! you can see, Mara still has her brace on. The doctor decided after another ultrasound & xrays to leave it on another 3 weeks. The left hip has molded and is "normal", we're just waiting for that right side to catch up. She's scheduled for another ultrasound and appointment July 8th & then it WILL come off. Please pray for Mara & that her hips will both be normal so that we don't have to worry about casting! We're counting down the days to take it off! Poor girl gets so sweaty & uncomfortable in this hot, humid weather. We're looking forward to see how she reacts when she's free and can start moving her body around more.
We're not sure how much Mara weighs right now, but she seems to keep getting chubbier & longer. She loves playing on the floor and being talked to--she's been cooing, giggling, and smiling and continues to be a content and happy baby.

Cousin Sierra Van Dyke & Mara

I have been @ my new job 2 weeks already and am learning a lot. It's been a big change, but I'm loving being home every night and weekend! Being a nurse in a clinical setting is much different than I expected-we're very busy right now and do a lot of in-office procedures--which is broadening my nursing knowledge greatly!
As you may have heard, we made our first trip to the ER last week. I woke up @ 3:30am with terrible abdominal pain (i'd rather go through another c-section!). Long story short...4 hours later we were released with the diagnosis of possible stomach ulcer and gastritis. We're praying I don't have another "attack" and can divert having to go back in to follow up with a GI doctor.
3 month pictures of Mara are coming soon!:) Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Polka Dots, Stripes, and PINK

I keep forgetting to post pictures of Mara's room and many of you have asked. Her room is just down the hallway from ours & is a nice size for a nursery. The colors are bright pink, lime green, and bubblegum pink. Mara's going to have lot's of stimulating colors and shapes to look at! Thanks to Grandma Prins & Auntie Jessie for painting! We're waiting on pictures for frames yet & plan to hang an Uppercase Living saying on the tan wall that will read "I am a princess and my Father is the King of Kings." So far, this is what it looks like.

2 more weeks

We had another hip ultrasound & appointment with Dr. Carlson (aka mr. personality) yesterday. For the minute he was in the room, he said the brace is working & her hips are forming correctly. We have another ultrasound & appointment in 2 weeks & then we get to take off the brace!! That's wonderful news...because she has in-grown toenails from the footies of the brace & is starting to get heat rash underneath the leg straps! Poor girl..what next?!
Mara will be 11 weeks old this week & is nearing 11 lbs. Every week she becomes more active & responsive to us-it's so much fun interacting with her now that she recognizes our voices & faces. She definitely knows who her mommy is!:)
Mara continues to be a happy baby with the normal "colic" periods in the evenings. She gets uncomfortable and fussy after wearing the brace 24 hours a day and this causes her fussiness too. We are counting down the days till we get to take this thing off! We do take it off once a day for a change of clothes or bath, she stretches the entire time it's off & constantly moves her legs & feet. She knows when she's free. She sleeps anywhere from 3.5-5 hours at a time and likes to eat!When we're hungry, there's no waiting or messing around either! (as you can see, we have healthy, chubby cheeks & a double chin)
We're nearing the end of mommy's maternity leave...only 2 weeks left. WOW does time fly by!? We're keeping busy with weddings, meetings @ church, softball games, and the upcoming chicken butchering @ the Prins farm! Mommy's trying to get as much done as possible before she goes back to she's starting a new job the end of June! I will be working in the Women's Specialty Clinics and am so excited to have a regular schedule--Monday-Friday, 8:30-5pm--no holidays/weekends/night shifts! It will be an adjustment, but we are looking forward to a "normal" routine & life as a family of 3.

Our "puppy" Kya is almost a year old already. Here are a few pics of her lounging around the house. She's FULL of energy...more than we ever dreamed of! A common saying heard in our house is, "Good thing she's cute!"