Sunday, February 22, 2009

34 weeks

Time is flying by-can't believe we're already 34 weeks! Justin and I are getting more and more anxious to meet this little one...and more importantly-to find out if it's a boy or a girl!!! We pretty much have the essentials in the nursery (i think) but we are waiting to paint and finish it all until we know the gender and pick out the name, etc. I have to admit-it's getting harder and harder not to know what this little one is, and if you know me-i'm a planner and it's killing me not to have everything in place before our lives REALLY change!:) All the more motivation to keep going to the very end, right?! We have 1 more 2-week appointment march 4th and then go to weekly appointments. I'm getting more uncomfortable every day it seems-pretty soon my tummy's going to be transparent! I don't know how it can stretch any further!
Oh-and to those of you who've asked, a few of my girlfriends have offered to throw us a baby shower...but it will be after we have him/her-will let you know when we decide on a date. Thanks Megan & Mindy!:) Otherwise everything's going great-we'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Blog!

Welcome to our blog!:)
We thought it would be fun to have a blog put-together by the time this little one arrives! I hope to add some pictures of our wedding, new house (well, I guess it's already a year old) and our puppy-Kya :) Stay tuned for updates. Thanks for visiting! ~Justin & Tricia